Solomon Islands

Tucked away in the South Pacific, the Solomon Islands are a little known, unspoilt paradise. They offer a chance to explore islands of exotic beauty, a unique blend of cultures, a fascinating history and a warm Pacific welcome, just 3 hours from Australia.

Life has changed little in the Solomon Islands as they offer a taste of a different world. Almost 1000 green islands lie scattered within a dazzling sea. Visit places where you could believe you're the first person to ever slip into the clear blue waters and set foot on the warm sand.

Today the destination is fast attracting travellers from around the world - families, honeymooners, sports fishermen, yachties, culture-lovers and simply those looking to make their own tracks.   The destination can pretty much cater to every taste, desire and budget with its myriad choice of accommodation dotted across the entire archipelago.

Welkam to the Solomon Islands