Hong Kong Tourism Board

Hong Kong is extraordinary.

A bustling metropolis and a haven for natural beauty; a city where rich Chinese coexists with cutting-edge, global trends; a place where the ancient and modern live side by side: Hong Kong is perfect for those seeking to experience a diversity of unique travel experiences in one compact destination.

When you visit Hong Kong, where very different worlds rub shoulders, it seems that anything is possible.

A quick stroll takes you from a traditional street market to a state-of-the-art shopping mall, passing incense-filled temples. A short ride transports you from towering, iconic skyscrapers to unspoilt panoramas of sand and sea. A morning spent hunting for antique watches can be follwed by an afternoon hiking on an uninhabited island and capped off with an evening sampling the latest traditional trends in modern gastronomy.

In Asia's world city, every moment is an opportunity to experience a different world.