Dream Cruises

Dream Cruises aims to redefine cruising with inspirational luxury and transformational journeys at sea.

From the moment you step on board the luxury vessels, Genting Dream, World Dream and the new Explorer Dream, you’ll be enveloped by authentic culture and heartfelt hospitality. Embark on a journey featuring some of the finest and unexpected experiences from around the world. Dance under the stars, savour international flavours, have fun in the waterslide park, or indulge in some exclusive pampering at Crystal Life spa.

While there is no denying these ships are bursting with entertainment and excitement, you’ll also find plenty of space for some much-needed relaxation. Dream Cruises range of staterooms offer a haven of calm; balancing modern convenience with total tranquillity. Drift off to sleep each evening wrapped in the comfort and luxury of the ‘dream beds’, thanks to a unique combination of high quality mattresses, silky smooth sheets, bouncy duvets and a mountain of pillows.

For guests looking for a little more exclusivity – tucked away in its own special enclave – The Palace is an area composed of two Palace Villas and a series of elegantly furnished Suites. Unwind with private facilities, exclusive privileges and the finest hospitality.