Flight Centre Exclusives

Shhh, come closer. These aren’t just any run of the mill holiday offers, this is Flight Centre Exclusives – the best of Flight Centre knowledge packaged up into genuinely unbeatable ready-made holiday packages and only available for a limited period of time.
That friend you wish you had in the travel industry to score you good deals? That’s us. Hi friend. We package up Australia’s ultimate ready-made holidays - the best flights, with transfers, luxurious accommodation, exclusive inclusions and more. Hand-picked by destination experts - because we know you want them tried and tested – our inclusions are hands-down the best you’ll find and are offered in the kind of deals you’d only share with close family (but boast about to everybody). Get ready to start bragging about room upgrades, world-class cuisine, spa treatments that’ll have you moaning (and prepared to tell people you did), with tours and bonuses to post about for years to come. Buy now and book later, even if you don’t know your travel dates yet, to save up to 70%. Visit the most idyllic locations around the world and live it up with Flight Centre Exclusives!