Do you know where you can see Japan's famous cherry blossoms before they bloom anywhere else in the country? Visit Okinawa, the southernmost islands of Japan, blessed with a warm subtropical climate, with its vividly coloured coral reef, emerald green waters and primeval forests filled with wildlife that is an integral part of life on these islands.

On these islands, people live alongside the nature that surrounds them and the unique culture that shaped them. The youth practice every day to keep the traditional Ryukyu dance alive. Students gather to master the techniques of Karate, the martial art born on these islands. Young and old alike sing and dance in local restaurants and bars to a background of the traditional sanshin music of these islands. Come to Okinawa and unveil the Okinawan Way - for the beauty of these islands is experienced through the unique way of life of its people. Come by the booth to find out more.