Sun Island Tours

Sun Island Tours is a niche operator for the Mediterranean and Middle East Regions. Our accommodation, tours, cruises and packages are all chosen to cater for any type of holiday; from a vacation away to a business trip, or a group excursion to a once in a lifetime wedding or honeymoon. We are committed to providing personalised assistance in our specialised destinations, and furthermore our flexibility will entail the opportunity for tailor-made packages while still adhering to our renowned dedicated and expert service.

Sun Island Tours is able to assist travellers with any arrangements in the following countries: Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Oman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Mediterranean Cruising. We offer mini stays in all capital cities as well as a wide range of accommodation throughout these countries. Additional services such as: private and escorted tours, transfers, island hopping passes, cruises, domestic and international ferries, chartered yachts, international and domestic flights are also available.